The Top 7 Best News of Last Week

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4 min readOct 17, 2022

📖 A new bill will provide millions of children in CA with free books thanks to Dolly Parton

A new bill signed into law will now provide millions of children in California with free books thanks to Dolly Parton.

The bill, SB 1183, was signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom and will provide funding for Parton’s “Imagination Library” program, providing free books to children from birth to 5 years old.

Aiming to encourage preschool children to develop an early love of reading and learning, the bill received bipartisan support in both houses.

🦁 Pride of lions airlifted from Ukraine to Colorado in “biggest-ever warzone rescue of lions”

A pride of lions that were living at the Bio Park Zoo in Odessa, a southern city in Ukraine that has been impacted by the Russian-Ukraine war, has been airlifted to the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado, according to a news release.

“The big cats were urgently relocated when the war first broke by a convoy that journeyed over 600 miles across Ukraine and Moldova, arriving in Targu Mures, Romania, on May 24, 2022. The Targu Mures Zoo provided a temporary home for the animals for several months so that an emergency travel permit could be approved for the eleven lions to board an international rescue flight,” the release said.

🐶 Hundreds of Dogs Saved From Nevada Breeding Farm in Huge Police Operation

Authorities have seized around 300 dogs from a property in Nevada in what officials have described as a “large-scale” animal cruelty situation. Detectives from Nye County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO) obtained a search warrant for a property in Amargosa Valley following an investigation and visited the location on Tuesday.

There, officials arrested a couple — Oskana Higgins and Vasili Platunov — on felony animal abuse and neglect charges, the NCSO said.

✍️ This 33-year-old made more than 1,000 Wikipedia bios for unknown women scientists

Jessica Wade began writing Wikipedia biographies about women and minority scientists who never got their due — from employers, from other scientists, from the public. Wade has written more than 1,600 Wikipedia entries for long-ignored women scientists, and she has firm beliefs on ideas on how to support girls interested in the field.

She won awards and medals and was cited by Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia.

🐦 When you next hear cheerful twittering of birds, you should stop and listen: new study suggests that listening to birdsong reduces anxiety and paranoia

Birdsongs alleviate anxiety and paranoia in healthy participants.

Fun fact: Did you know that they play bird songs at Tokyo subway stations to stop people getting stressed out on their morning commute?

☄️ Nasa’s Dart spacecraft ‘changed path of asteroid’

Scientists have now confirmed the orbit of a 160m-wide (520ft) space rock known as Dimorphos was altered when the Dart probe struck it head on last month. Researchers came to the conclusion after making measurements using a range of space and Earth-based telescopes.

The mission was conceived to test a potential strategy to defend the Earth against threatening objects.

🤖 Tiny Robots Have Successfully Cleared Pneumonia From The Lungs of Mice

Scientists have been able to direct a swarm of microscopic swimming robots to clear out pneumonia microbes in the lungs of mice, raising hopes that a similar treatment could be developed to treat deadly bacterial pneumonia in humans. The technology is still at a proof-of-concept stage, but the early signs are very promising.

“Based on this mouse data, we see that the microrobots could potentially improve antibiotic penetration to kill bacterial pathogens and save more patients’ lives,” says Victor Nizet, a physician and professor of pediatrics at the University of California, San Diego.

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