The Best News of Last Week — May 23, 2022

1. Dallas Bans Pet Store Sales of Puppies and Kittens. Law forbidding the sale of puppies and kittens takes effect in six months

Dallas City Council members banned the sale of puppies and kittens in pet stores across the city Wednesday.

The Humane Pet Store Ordinance takes effect in six months. It gives Dallas Petland, the one Dallas store that is still selling live animals, a chance to wind down that business.

2. Blackpool midfielder Jake Daniels has come out as the UK’s only openly gay active male professional footballer.

The 17-year-old says he is ready to act as a role model for others in the game after deciding “the time is right to be myself, be free and be confident” in his identity.

“Now is the time to do it,” he said. “I feel like I am ready to tell people my story. I want people to know the real me.”

3. Black shelter animals weren’t getting adopted. A photographer had an idea: glam shots

After hearing from other volunteers that black cats and dogs struggle to get adopted, Maggie Epling, who is a student at the University of Kentucky, has been especially dedicated to making sure that those animals get great pictures. “They think part of it is superstition about black cats in particular, but it kind of carries over to black dogs” she said.

Epling said that the shelter is in a rural area that’s difficult to reach. But since her photos were added to the shelter’s Facebook page, “they say they can’t believe how many calls they’re getting.”

4. Millions fled Ukraine. Now the queue to return home stretches for miles

In February and March, refugees waited for hours or days there to cross into Poland. Now, the flow has reversed. The long lines are on the Polish side of the border filled with people waiting to cross into Ukraine.

Some Ukrainians are going back and forth often. And the tears these days are often from happy reunions.

5. Greater One-Horned Rhino Population Reaches New High

The species’ population now numbers 4,014 individuals! The government of Assam, the province in India that is home to 70% of the world’s greater one-horned rhino population, just completed its biannual rhino census.

The greater one-horned population has increased by 274 rhinos since the last count — helped by a baby boom during the pandemic when many protected areas were closed to visitors.

6. Baby giraffe gets leg brace to walk again

The calf was born Feb. 1 at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, with her front limb bending the wrong way. Zoo staff feared she could die if they didn’t immediately correct the condition, which could prevent her from nursing and walking around the habitat.

All told, she was in braces for 39 days from the day she was born. She stayed in the animal hospital the entire time. After that, she was slowly introduced to her mom and others in the herd.

7. Solar panels set to be mandatory on all new buildings under EU plan.

Solar panels would be mandatory on all new buildings in the European Union under a new proposal aimed at ending its reliance on Russian fossil fuels by 2027 and supercharging its transition to green energy.

Vladimir Putin:

  • Green Employee of The Year
  • NATO Employee of The Month

This man has no limits.

That’s it for this week. Until next week, stay safe and don’t forget to share this post with your friends :)



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