The Best News of Last Week — May 16, 2022

1. Spain set to become the first European country to introduce a 3-day ‘menstrual leave’ for women

Spain is set to offer three days of menstrual leave to women with severe period pain. The proposed policy will be voted on at a cabinet meeting next week, along with a measure to offer sanitary pads in schools.

“If someone has an illness with such symptoms, a temporary disability is granted, so the same should happen with menstruation ― allowing a woman with a very painful period to stay at home,” Angela Rodriguez, Spain’s secretary of state equality and gender violence, told El Periodico.

2. Leader of Pussy Riot Band Escapes Russia, With Help From Friends

Maria V. Alyokhina disguised herself as a food courier to evade the Moscow police who had been staking out the friend’s apartment where she was staying. She left her cellphone behind as a decoy and to avoid being tracked.

A friend drove her to the border with Belarus, and it took her a week to cross into Lithuania.

3. Patron the bomb-sniffing dog gets a medal from Zelenskyy

Patron poses at an award ceremony in Kyiv, Ukraine on Sunday. The Jack Russell terrier is credited with detecting more than 200 Russian explosive devices since the start of the war.

4. Wolf seen in Brittany (France) for first time in a century

A single animal was filmed by a camera trap in the commune of Berrien, situated in the Arrée Mountains, on 3 May. Wolf was previously extirpated from the region in the early 20th century due to hunting pressures, and was later lost from the entirety of France.

5. Nonspeaking student with autism gives moving commencement speech

Rollins College’s Elizabeth Bonker who has not spoken since the age of 15 months due to autism delivered a moving commencement speech, urging her fellow graduates to use their own voices.

6. ‘Young stem cell’ transplant trial shows 5th ever case of human retinal tissue regeneration, with signs of vision improvement in macular degeneration — the leading cause of untreatable, aging-related blindness

New data from the phase 1 clinical trial examining OpRegen in patients with dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD) show that the subretinal cell therapy may help improve or maintain visual acuity in this patient population.

OpRegen has been generally well-tolerated with no unexpected adverse events.

7. Biggest ‘floating solar park’ in Europe will open this year in Portugal

Two tugboats are currently moving a vast array of 12,000 solar panels, the size of four football pitches, to their mooring on the reservoir. Miguel Patena, EDP group director in charge of the solar project, said on Thursday that electricity produced from the floating park, with installed capacity of 5 megawatts (MW), would cost a third of that produced from a gas-fired plant.

The solar panels will supply 1,500 families with power.

That’s it for this week. Until next week, stay safe and don’t forget to share this post with your friends :)



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