The Best News of Last Week — June 27, 2022

1. Canada is banning single-use plastics, including grocery bags and straws

Canada is banning the manufacture and importation of single-use plastics by the end of the year, the government announced on Monday, in a major effort to combat plastic waste and address climate change.

The ban includes checkout bags, cutlery, straws and food-service ware made from or containing plastics that are hard to recycle, with a few exceptions for medical reasons.

2. These drones are swallowing tonnes of plastic waste before it reaches the ocean

Dutch company RanMarine has deployed several 157-centimetre wide aquatic drones called WasteSharks that capture rubbish and bring it back to land. The drones can hold 160 litres of trash, floating plants and algae, according to RanMarine Technology.

It’s crucial to scoop up the plastic before it reaches the large ocean expanse. Once plastic or trash ends up in the ocean, it’s very hard to collect because it does break down.

3. Child cancer survivor achieves dream of becoming doctor

Oscar Oglina was inspired into medicine by the many kind doctors and nurses he encountered when he had stage 3 liver cancer. Today, he took the University of Bristol’s promise ceremony, officially ending his time as a medicine student. He now hopes to become a pediatrician so he can help poorly children like himself.

All of Oscar’s earliest memories are from Great Ormond Street Hospital, the famous children’s hospital in London that became his second home when he was receiving treatment there.

4. Crowd funds London dream of Afghan girl who fled abusive home

Laila Rasekh from Afghanistan was seven years old when her mother pushed her to work that no child should ever be forced for.

Laila, recently completed her postgraduate diploma in journalism from the Asian College of Journalism, Chennai. To finish the last leg of her education at the School of African and Oriental Studies (SOAS) in London, she is seeking funds through a crowdfunding platform. (Update, her fundraiser was fully funded)

5. Abandoned cub and victim of wildlife trade begins new life in Italy

A young lion is beginning a new life at a wildlife sanctuary in Italy after being found abandoned as a cub in Russia. According to Born Free Foundation, the cub, named Simba, was saved from the illegal wildlife trade.

“While little is known about how Simba ended up in such desperate circumstances, it is likely he is an innocent victim of the cruel wildlife trade and was discarded due to his poor condition,” says the Born Free Foundation, which helped organise the lion’s journey to western Europe, just months before the outbreak of war.

6. Scottish islanders save US couple’s wedding after their luggage gets lost

Amanda and Paul Riesel flew more than 4,000 miles from Orlando, Florida, to get married on Skye, in the Highlands. But their dream began to fall apart after their plane was diverted to Philadelphia, a detour that led to three days of delays. The exhausted couple eventually arrived on Skye at about 11pm on Monday, the night before their wedding — only to discover that all their luggage had disappeared.

But they had reckoned without the determination of their local photographer, Rosie Woodhouse, and the kindness of the islanders. Shortly before midnight on Monday, Woodhouse posted an appeal on a Skye social media site. By 7.30am on Tuesday, she had been flooded with offers of help. By 10am, Amanda had eight wedding dresses of her size to choose from — and Paul had a full kilt set.

7. When a U.S. swimmer sank to the bottom of the pool, her coach jumped in to save her

That’s it for this week. Until next week, stay safe and don’t forget to share this post with your friends :)



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