The Best News of Last Week — July 4, 2022

1. Atlanta lawyers will rep anyone prosecuted for abortions for free

Attorney Steve Sadow said he is willing to defend any doctor throughout the country free of charge. He will only charge travel expenses if he has to travel long distances.

“If a doctor believes that it is appropriate to violate the law, at least as written, I want to be there to defend them because they need somebody in their corner and that is what I do,” he said Friday, hours after the Supreme Court released its opinion.

2. Boy missing for eight days in Germany found alive in sewer

Eight-year-old Joe, who lives in the city of Oldenburg in northwest Germany, disappeared on 17 June from his front garden, sparking a huge police search.

A passer-by heard a soft whimper coming from the direction of a manhole cover in the early hours and called emergency services. Rescuers rushed to the scene around 200m from his home and found Joe at the bottom of the sewer.

A firefighter entered the sewer to bring him out. The child was taken to hospital suffering from hypothermia, but had no major injuries.

3. More Than 200,000 Borrowers Now Qualify for Student Debt Forgiveness

The Department of Education agreed to a $6 billion settlement to cancel debt for 200,000 borrowers. Borrowers will receive a full discharge of their loans, a refund, and credit repair.

An additional 60,000 borrowers will have their cancellation decisions reviewed individually. The settlement stems from a 2019 class action lawsuit, Sweet v. Cardona, which argued many borrower defense claims for loan cancellation were being ignored by the Department of Education.

4. Pride in London: More than a million attend ‘biggest ever parade’

More than a million people have taken part in the 50th anniversary of the UK’s first Pride parade in London. The parade paid homage to the original 1972 march, organised by the Gay Liberation Front (GLF), and saw revellers pass significant sites from the UK’s LGBTQ+ movement.

At the front of the parade, the star of Netflix coming-of-age drama Heartstopper, Joe Locke, said it was an honour to be celebrating “being queer when the world might not be so accepting”.

5. Principal with his students turns Indian school into a green oasis with over 300 plant species

A government primary school in Firozabad’s Keethot village has become a centre of attraction for its lush greenery comprising over 300 species of plants, including a four-foot tall sandalwood tree. Spread over, 5,500 square feet area of school campus, the garden is a result of the efforts of the school headmaster Mohammad Shahid , who with the help of the students, has sown and nurtured plants that bear fruits and flowers, and vegetables used for preparing midday meals for the children.

6. Grand Canyon won’t seek volunteers to kill bison this fall

A bison herd that lives almost exclusively in the northern reaches of Grand Canyon National Park won’t be targeted for lethal removal there this fall.

The park used skilled volunteers selected through a highly competitive and controversial lottery last year to kill bison, part of a toolset to downsize the herd that’s been trampling meadows and archaeological sites on the canyon’s North Rim.

Introducing the sound of gunfire and having people close to the bison was meant to nudge the massive animals back to the adjacent forest where they legally could be hunted. But the efforts had little effect. The park is now working with other agencies and groups on a long-term plan for managing the bison, an animal declared America’s national mammal in 2016 and depicted on the National Park Service logo.

7. Kitten rescued from inside Pepsi vending machine at Walmart store

Firefighters responded to a Walmart store in Tennessee to rescue a kitten heard mewing from inside a Pepsi vending machine. “Crews could hear the kitten crying. They unplugged the machine and removed the cover on the back, but couldn’t see the kitten,” the post said.

The firefighters were able to find another opening in the machine and made visual contact with the feline. The rescuers were able to coax the cat to safety. The post said the kitten was adopted by the employee who originally heard the cat’s cries.

That’s it for this week. Until next week, stay safe and don’t forget to share this post with your friends :)



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